January 3, 2024

Understanding Your Facebook Audience Insights


Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even TikTok are quickly becoming big players in the social media scene, but Facebook remains a vital platform for publicizing content. Facebook is still growing—between 2021 and 2022, its user base grew from 2.74 to 2.91 billion monthly active users. And 79% of those users are active every day. In other words, there are a lot of people hanging around on Facebook waiting to be shown great content.

How to use Audience Insights as a beginner

Let's get started! Here's a quick guide to finding and navigating Facebook's Audience Insights.

1. Accessing audience insights

First thing's first: You'll need a business account on Facebook. Simply click here to get started if you don't have one yet. Once you're signed into your business account, click here to head to the Audience Insights section.

After clicking this link, you'll be able to access information about two major groups of people—the people who follow or like your page and the general population of Facebook. Insights about both demographics are vital as they can help you keep your followers coming back while attracting new ones at the same time.

2. Using filters

Using a simple filter system, you'll be able to narrow down the insights based on certain criteria. See breakdowns based on gender, location, age, job, relationship status, and more. Facebook's Audience Insights will also break down your data into easily digestible graphs and charts so that you can see at a glance who is interacting with your content.

3. Analyzing your audience

Keep track of common follower characteristics that appear. The longer you analyze and assess your audience, the more you'll begin to understand what kind of content resonates with them. You'll be able to develop a more specific brand voice based on what has and hasn't worked before. You'll be able to take note of which group likes which topics and hone in on them. The opportunities to create more specific, more targeted content are endless.

Why understanding your audience matters

Understanding your audience is the best way to create effective social media strategies. After all, it's pointless to put out content that you find interesting if your followers don't care about it. By keeping track of which of your followers like which content, you'll be able to understand the different types of followers you already have.

For instance, you may have one group of young women who love your content related to clothing, and you may also have one group of middle-aged women who tend to interact with your content related to politics. When you know this information, you can tailor your content to these two groups more effectively.

So it's clear by now, your Facebook dashboard has many powers to understand and analyze your audience consumption behaviors, habits and preference. If you leverage the data provided you will have the ability to create smarter content and generate more revenue for your business.