Shariah Governance

We are committed to complying with Sharia governance practices such as (but not limited to) the establishment of a Sharia Committee, independence of pronouncement, administration of Sharia audit and Sharia reporting. To achieve this, we have appointed Shariyah Review Bureau (“SRB”) to help us adhere to the best practices and guidelines on Sharia governance. In this role, SRB will facilitate Sharia related discussions, product research, and Sharia reporting while working with the head of functions to augment Sharia principles and rulings at different levels of the organization. SRB will also help ensure that the members of the Sharia Committee operate with independence and autonomy and warrants effective decision-making and Sharia assurance practices.
For the purpose of effective Sharia governance and supervision, a renowned and qualified Sharia scholar, namely Shaikh Muhammad Ahmad has been assigned by SRB.

The Sharia Committee independently issues pronouncements, and these rulings are binding on us
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Shariah Committee

Sh. Muhammad Ahmad
Sh. Dr. Irshad Ahmad Aijaz
Sh. Dr. Salah AlShalhoob

Shaikh Muhammad Ahmad is a highly accomplished scholar, having earned his degree from Dar Al Uloom University under the mentorship of Mufti Taqi Usmani, a renowned authority in Islamic jurisprudence. With over 15 years of extensive experience in Sharia law Shaikh Muhammad has become a trusted Sharia advisor in the realms of finance and Islamic banking. His expertise spans various areas, including the redesigning of traditional financial products and structuring investment funds across banking, insurance and the securities management sector.

Sheikh Dr. Irshad completed his Takhassus Fil Ifta in Dar-ul-Uloom University; a leading institute of the world-renowned Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani. He is also holds a PhD in Islamic Finance & Banking. Apart from being a member of Shariah Advisors Forum formed by State Bank of Pakistan for developing and implementing Shariah Standards for Islamic Financial Institutions he also leads the Task force for Islamic alternatives for agricultural finance; Committee for review of AAOIFI Shariah standards on Mudarabah; Committee for preparation of Charity Guidelines; Committee for preparation of Shariah standard for Conversion of Conventional bank in Islamic institution; and Tawarruq (Interbank Commodity Murabahah). H e is also a visiting faculty member of Iqra University, National Institute of Banking & Finance (State Bank of Pakistan), Centre for Islamic Economic, and Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center.

Dr. Salah Fahad Al Shalhoob: Shaikh Salah is a Sharia scholar who procured his PhD from Edinburgh University (UK) and Mastersfrom Al Imam University (KSA). He has led a broad range of engagements in the US, Europe,and the GCC, focusing on banking and investment products, real-estate acquisitions, Islamic,Insurance management, listed securities, and private equity fund. His product based experiencespans sukuks, home mortgages, leasing, SME Financing and asset management transactions. He is currently a faculty member at the Saudi Electronic University, Riyadh. Before that, he was a faculty member and director of the Islamic Banking and Finance Center at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Dhahran. He wrote many research and articles related to the Islamic banking sector that were published in many newspapers, most notably Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper.