January 3, 2024

How Pay Per Click Advertising Benefits Your Business


Statistics show that 65% of small to mid-size businesses are already investing in Pay-Per-Click advertising so that might be your next advertising project if you are still stuck at "How do I spread the word?”

What is pay-per-click advertising?

In a nutshell, pay-per-click advertising is a system where you pay a certain fee for every click on your online ad. In some PPC advertising, you'll be able to use keywords to actively target relevant people who are looking for a solution similar to yours.

When you set up a PPC campaign, you'll be able to choose keywords that suit your business and that potential customers may type into the Google search bar. Then, you'll “bid” on these keywords with a fee you're willing to pay per click. Your ad will appear more or less often than your competitors for the same keyword depending on the amount of your bid.

The benefits of pay-per-click advertising

Why might PPC advertising be a good option for your business?

1. It builds brand authority

By creating PPC ads, your business will begin appearing as a promoted search result alongside larger, more established businesses that offer a similar solution. It's important to keep your business visible in this playing field, as it will automatically indicate to potential customers that it is a credible, established business, too. In other words, it will give you an important dose of brand authority.

2. It's a cost-effective solution

Unlike other advertising options, PPC is never more expensive than it should be. Because you only pay for the people who click on your ad, you'll only pay for the people who see the ad and, hopefully, develop an active interest in your product.

3. You can choose your audience

PPC offers targeted ads—this means you can narrow down who actually sees your ad to a specific demographic or group. This can be useful for businesses that offer products that appeal to a clearly set demographic and ensures that your ad isn't wasted.

4. It gives you the ability to measure results momentarily

One of the main benefits of pay-per-click advertising is that it will help you develop a stronger marketing plan for the future because of the data it gives back to you. You'll be able to analyze numerous reports that will indicate what’s working and what isn't working in your ad.

5. You can tweak it as you go

Using your reports from your PPC campaigns, you'll be able to narrow down the best keywords, the best demographics, and the best brand voice as you go. And if an ad isn't working for you, you'll be able to tweak it to find what works best. This type of flexibility makes PPC extremely effective and useful.

The results are instant -almost-

Some marketing ventures take months or even years to yield results. With SEO marketing, for instance, it can take several painful months of work before you begin to climb up in the Google rankings. With PPC, however, you can see results almost instantly. This makes it a great option for new businesses that are still building up their content and SEO.

It will compliment your inbound marketing efforts

You've probably heard the phrase, "Content is king." And it is.

True that most businesses these days are making content their number-one marketing priority. In fact, 66% of marketers are spending more on content marketing in 2022. However, PPC can still be useful—it can even help make your content and SEO efforts pay off. After all, with both techniques, you'll probably be targeting the same people. So, you can use insights from PPC to improve your SEO and vice versa, and both will likely improve.